2014 – How it nearly killed us…

January 2014

It all started with a bang.  Yes, really.  I banged my finger in the sliding door and ended up with a busted fingernail that would take 9 months before it finally grew out.  I managed to also get cut on top of my hand and my skin peeled off my thumb due to too many thrusters (Crossfit injuries). It was a sign of things to come…

Doesn’t it look pretty?

As usual the wet season was in full swing and a wild weather front swept through town. We had stormy weather coupled with high winds and high tides towards the end of January – some pathways on the beach washed away.  Here is some footage of the aftermath.

Stormy Darwin

February 2014

We decided to move (again) – we swapped our gorgeous view for the not so gorgeous view:

Our view before...
Our view before…
Our view now...
Our view now…

David discovered he had a patch of skin cancer on the nose and went for a procedure to have it removed.   He got about 4 stitches I think.

March 2014

We celebrated Cael’s 6th birthday – he had a sleepover with two of his mates.  Except, one of his mates turned out to be not much of  a sleeper after all.

David made a brief return to squash where he tore his calf muscle after just 2 games.  (He hasn’t returned since!)

Ruby playing league squash
David has torn his calf muscle
Cael and bestie Izekiel
There is nothing like a halo toy
Cael’s Halo themed cake
Happy 6th Cael!

April 2014

In April, it would be the last time that I’d see my mom for the year.  She came to visit during Easter School Holidays from Gladstone and we were saddened to learn that their visa would not be renewed for them to qualify for Permanent Residency one month short only.  It was devastating news.

David went back to the doctor to check out his nose job, where he got told they did not managed to get all the cancer in February and he had to go through the procedure again.  Another 4 stitches.

Cael doing homework on the table

May 2014

We went to the Casino for dinner and 48 hours later, all the men in my life were nearly dying.  They had food poisoning *salmonella and for 10 days they spent their time making turns in the bathroom.  It was horrible.  It was coming out from both ends and Adynn had it by far the worst.  Everytime he came out the bathroom, it was like a warzone in there.  I was permanently dressed in HAZmat suit armed with hospital graded disinfectant as Adynn managed to spray poop the walls every time.  His excuse was that he had to pick one end to hold over the toilet bowl, but it came out of both ends at the same time!  Gross.  I was the only one who was not sick during that time, but it was not fun.

The kids dehydrated so much we had to take them to hospital for fluid replacements and observation.

Adynn had food poisoning in a BAD way!
Cael bled all over the hospital bed after the staff failed to get a drip into his vein twice. We were not impressed.



June 2014

We decided to go to the USA and Canada for a month mid June to mid July.  But first, I needed to fly my dad in from South Africa to look after out pet rats.  (The world’s most expensive rat sitter)

My dad arriving late at night



He arrived a week before we had to leave and I had to teach him the town and how to get around in a haste.  It was with shock that I also learned that he did not know how to cook….  What?  You can’t cook?  What?  This was news to me – I still fondly recalled how he used to BBQ as a child – was my mom the only one who ever cooked?  What?

Regardless to say, I taught him the basics – how to boil and egg and how to make toast.  Sadly that was what he (and the rats) lived on for 30 days.

Our USA and Cananda Holiday (15 June – 15 July)

Yes he is having a beer!
The first bear I saw in Canada.
San Francisco Bridge
New York Carriages
Air Carrier ship in New York
Seeing my sister again after 6 years
Jenna and Gil in Vancouver
Sisters forever…
The two inlaws meeting each other
Canada Day – 1st of July
Bonding with Jenna’s little rabbits
Cael loves America!
San Francisco Bay – it was freezing!
That view…. Yosemite
Melissa X and Me – after my makeover
Yes, I can also look human
Cael said I looked like a princess and cried the next morning when I woke up and my face was gone!
Fine Dining Selfie in the attended bathroom
Dining in Hollywood’s finest
Adynn at the bridge of San Francisco



To sum up the pictures above:

* We went to L.A – I got a makeover with Melissa X (Makeup artists to the stars)

* We walked the Walk of Fame, we ate in fine restaurants that had bathrooms that had attendants opening the cubicles for you…

*We went to San Francisco, we drove the most crooked road in the world.

*We went to Yosemite and saw bears.

* We went to New York, we visited the Memorial for 911

*We went to Vancouver and caught up with my sister Jenna and her husband Gil

*We did the Rocky Mountain scenic drive visiting, Whistler, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, That big glacier, and Calgary.  We drank beer,  we visited beautiful lakes and saw the most awesome scenery.  For a month our worries was a distant memory…

And then sadly, we returned to Darwin.

July 2014

We got home – my dad was still alive and so was the rats!  Yay!

We decided to take him and Goran (David’s bestie) out to dinner as my dad was pretty tired of eating toast and eggs.

IMG_2097 IMG_2096

August 2014

The day has finally arrived for my mom and Fanie to leave the country.  It felt weird that I could no longer pick up the phone any time of day and call my mom.  I knew that I would now have to worry all over again about her safety.  I was angry and very very sad.

My dad also had to head home again after staying here for 2 months.

We decided to sell the car as we were making plans to get the hell outa here by year end and wanted to wrap things up.  The car sold eventually after 3 weeks, leaving us with only my little Getz.